Lavista’s Diamond Real Estate Event Draws Wide Attention

Lavista’s Diamond Real Estate Event Draws Wide Attention

Lavista was honored to hold the Diamond Real Estate Event last Saturday in St. Regis Abu Dhabi. The event, which was held in co-ordination with Emaar, drew the attention of many clients, media outlets and social media figures like Dr. Mohammed Al Khalidy, Manal Ahmad, Taim Al Falasi and Khulood Al Maleh.

During this special day, the guests were able to have a closer look on Lavista’s work, its future plans, working with Emaar and the special bond that brings it together with its clients, based on essential values like transparency, trust and professionalism.

The event also presented a chance for the media to cover Lavista’s emergence extensively. Most of the present media sites were raving about the event and Lavista’s rise., for example, were impressed with the event, describing Lavista as a very ambitious and visionary real estate brokers firm. They also heaped the praise on the special bond that Lavista’s built with its clients, saying that Lavista is “redefining the relationship between real estate brokers and clients.” While also pointing to the “world class” service that it provides for clients in their home countries without having to be in the UAE, and the professional staff which consist of more than 100 well-trained employees, who provide assistance for clients from many countries in the region like KSA and Egypt, and internationally like UK.

The media coverage was not solely UAE-based, as other media sites like were present and covered the event. The Saudi site highlighted the success of Mr. Ahmad Hussein, Chairman of Lavista, since he launched Lavista back in 2016 and took it to the top by having a clear vision and building trust with investors and homebuyers. The site were also impressed with Lavista’s ability to be one of Emaar’s top 3 sellers and being a platinum broker in a very short time, and had high expectations for the brokerage firm, expecting it to keep growing and reaching other significant markets, in many countries like China, Russia and USA.

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